Clarendon-Holly Grove Arena Regulations
Clarendon-Holly Grove Arena Regulations
Thursday, January 09, 2020

Clarendon-Holly Grove Arena Regulations:

General admission is $ 5.00.  This includes Kindergarten and up.

There will be no re-entry to the arena once you leave the building. (You will be required to pay $ 5.00 again to re-enter.) This is for safety purposes!

 All AAA passes must show ID for admission.

No outside food or drinks permitted in the building. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

No smoking or vaping in the arena.

Admission prices are subject to change during tournament games.

Please be mindful and respectful of all rules and regulations.

Help us keep our arena clean by throwing all trash in trash cans that are placed throughout the arena.

 No standing along the side rails. Please keep the walkways clear. This is a safety hazard. If you want to stand and watch the game you may stand in the end zone in front of the concession stand.