Antibacterial Spraying
Clarendon Holly Grove School District
Tuesday, March 03, 2020

The district is now in possession of a Geneon Fogger/Blower to be used to spray an electrolyte antibacterial agent in all spaces occupied by students and staff.  This will include classrooms, restrooms, hallways, cafeterias, buses, gymnasiums, offices, etc.  The purpose is to enhance, and not replace, our ongoing efforts to combat and prevent the spread of flu causing bacteria and to get a head start should the coronavirus persist and develops in our district. 

The electrolyte solution to be used in the fogger is totally safe for humans and the environment!  It will take only 30 seconds to activate and destroy the bacteria on any surface it touches!

After testing the fogging application rate on our buses, Mr. Austin will set up a schedule, with input from the principals and supervisors, to begin the application process district wide. The application process will continue as long as a threat is evident.

Thanks for all you do in helping to keep our students safe.