Clarendon High School Named a School of Innovation

Commissioner of Education Johnny Key and the State Board of Education approved Clarendon High School's request to become a School of Innovation for the 2017-2018 school year. This designation comes after a year-long planning effort that involved students, faculty, parents, and community members. In the upcoming school year CHS will begin implementing their innovation plan, and upon demonstrating success, the School of Innovation designation will become effective through 2024.

According to the Office of Innovation for Education, Schools of Innovation are those that "offer new or creative alternatives to the existing instructional and administrative practices." These changes are intended to improve academic performance and learning for all students. Changes such as modified class time schedules, courses blended with technology, additional career and technical offerings, and concurrent credit options are a few of the new opportunities CHS students will have this fall. For more information about the plan of innovation visit  https://goo.gl/hjxYcW or Come by the high School and pick up a brochure.